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Brass Inglefield clips

These are an alternative to the ash toggle and are attached to the halyard (rope) on a flagpole and to the flag itself. Price is for one pair.

If you are purchasing a flag from us and wish to have Inglefield clips sewn to your flag, please add them to your basket, let us know in the comments box at the checkout and we'll sew them in FREE of charge.

Please note that the style of Inglefield clips we supply may differ from time to time according to what is in stock and readily available from our suppliers.  The image represents the format of the Inglefield clips and may be supplied in shiny or non shiny format. Whichever you receive from us will be fit for purpose, functional and easy to use. The look of the Inglefield clips does not detract from the important role they play in attaching a flag to a mast.

A little history on Inglefield Clips

Speed and accuracy in signalling became paramount. The original rope eye and toggles were not always conducive to speed especially in cold weather when the ropes tended to freeze solid.

Edward Inglefield, flag lieutenant to the C-in-C Channel Squadron in 1888 described how the signalmen had to open the rope eyes with their teeth, and he thought of designing clips “rather like putting the forefinger and thumb together with a slight opening”. He had some made for trial and immediately his ship began winning all the flag signalling competitions.

Eventually other ships realised the reason for this, and by about 1900 the Inglefield Clip had become the standard fitting for naval flags.

To speed up flag hoisting, flags were stowed in the locker with the clips outward, so that the signalman could bend on three or four flags and then the halyard pulled the whole lot out as the group was hoisted. In the first half of the 20th century, even with the advent of wireless, manoeuvring by flags still held sway. It could only be used by day of course, but then it was not policy to engage in full scale battles at night. 

*The Flag Institute

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