Gin pennant (Martini gin with olive and stick)


The gin pennant (also known as the gin flag or drinking pennant) is a maritime flag. Traditionally when flown aboard a ship it indicates an open invitation to other ships' officers to come aboard for drinks. In lay terms, when its flown over any boat or house, its a indication that there's a party.  

The gin pennant comprises three sewn panels formed to a triangular pennant, and is then appliqued with the detail.

Our traditional sewn flags are made using quality MOD spec run resistant woven polyester and our printed flags using quality knit polyester (NOT sheet nylon).

Each flag is finished with a strong canvas, rope and toggle, triple sewn fly end and supplied with a complimentary shower proof drawstring flag bag for safe keeping.

Where flags are fully SEWN with detail, applique is sewn through a layer giving a sewn mirror image on reverse. Where there is large detail, it would only be possible to make the fully sewn flag at certain sizes.

Where flags are part-SEWN part-PRINTED, a sewn woven polyester base is sewn and hemmed and the detail (badge, emblem etc.) is printed twice and sewn to each side of the flag around the detail.

Where flags are fully PRINTED, the format is single layer, printed through with mirror image on reverse.

Please refer to our GLOSSARY page (link in the website footer) to clarify any terms you are unsure of.

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