Woven polyester 155gsm MOD specification flag fabric – Red Dragon Flagmakers

Woven polyester 155gsm MOD spec fabric


Sold by the linear metre

When you purchase 1x metre you receive a piece of fabric measuring 1.5x1m cut off the roll.  When you order more than one metre the roll will be cut in a continuous length.  Fabric is supplied folded.

Flag fabric by the linear metre by Red Dragon Flagmakers MOD spec woven polyester Brook International



Fun fact:  flag fabric is also called bunting.

The original meaning of bunting refers to the type of material that flags are made from, and then, by extension, it refers to things that are made out of that material. But the understanding of it particularly as 'strings of (decorative) flags' is the term most recognised and understood overall.

The initial meaning of the flag-coloured “bunting,” when it first appeared in print in the mid-18th century, was “light cotton or woollen cloth used to make flags and banners.” This kind of cloth was of a very open weave, and apparently called “bunting” because it was similar to loosely-woven cloth used to sift grain or meal. The action of sifting grain had been known as “bunting” since the 14th century, and a contraption for sifting meal and grain had been known as a “bunt,” which may have simply been a form of the older word “bolt” (from the Old French “bulter”) for the same kind of sifting process. So the cloth routinely used to make flags was called “bunting” because it was similar to the cloth used to sift grain and meal. And when the same cloth was used for decorative, flag-themed draperies or streamers, it made sense to call those “bunting.” (*source: http://www.word-detective.com/2011/12/bunting/)

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