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Choose one of the options as the finish to your flag. Canvas header, cored rope and ash wood toggle are supplied as standard. We only supply durable UK manufactured CORED polypropelene white rope (measuring between 40mm and 70mm proportionate to the dimensions of the flag overall). Metal eyelets tend to weaken the canvas so instead we stitch buttonhole eyelets to the top and bottom of the canvas left facing. If you require a flag finish not listed, please email us on and we'll do our best to accommodate you.
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Is your flag fire safe?  

Its becoming the norm that if you want to fly the flag for your favourite team or shout out to mum at matched and concerts, your flag must be treated and labelled as fire retardant - or you'll not be able to take it into the venue with you. 

Send us your flag for treatment

We offer a fire retardant treatment and labelling service on all flags - even those not originally supplied by us. Price listed is per flag regardless of size.

What is the certification?

Your label will state:

B.S.5867 Pt2
Type B. B.S.5852 0 and 1
Euro Standard:  EN1101 EN1102

This means:

(BS 5867 = British Standards “Fabrics for curtains and drapes.” M1 B1 is the European flame retardant standard for contract drapery. It is used across Europe so companies are aware that a fabric and in turn the curtain made from that fabric is flame retardant and can be used safely in a commercial environment.)

A skin safe, multi-purpose flame retardant for both natural and synthetic fabrics. 

  • Safer Chemistry . Does not contain ammonium polyphosphate 
  • Non Corrosive to Metals. Unlike other flame retardants it will not corrode metals
  •  TV, Film Costume & Set (Supplied BBC Casualty Dr Who & Game of Thrones, Vikings & Emmerdale)
  • Safer than any other flame retardant on the market. For use around the Younger and Older Generations
  • Supplied to Fire Brigades, Hotels, Schools, Nursing Homes and Housing Associations for at risk tenants. 
  • Effective on natural materials and synthetics.
  • Dry Cleanable up to 10 Cycles
  • Dermally Tested. (Non Irritant).
    See report

This is the only flame retardant product available that has been tested independently by the "Institute for Skin and Product Evaluation"  for dermal reaction with a full pass result.

Multi-Purpose: use on synthetic or natural materials, preferred for apparel, carpeting and any item that may have a metallic element or embellishment such as curtains with gold or silver yarns or metal furniture that could be tarnished by some corrosive flame retardants. 

Public Area Curtain Labels: Hotels, Public Houses, Nursing Homes, B&B's 
It is a legal requirement for Curtains treated with Flame retardant to be labeled with care & durability  instructions. 

High active solids: 30% compared to around 15% of our competitors products. Which means it goes further and you do not need to saturate the material being treated.

Quicker drying times. (Ready to use in 2-3 hours). Easy to apply.

This is a water-based fire proofing spray. Halogen & Bromine Free! Non-toxic, non-hazardous formulation and completely Odourless.

This is Non Hygroscopic and Non-Corrosive to metals. Unlike our competitors products, this will not corrode metals. View Test Report

Used Extensively In Schools, Colleges, Nursing Homes, Public Houses and Hotels.

Treats: Polyester, Cotton, Silk, Linen flax, Wool, Cardboard, untreated wood, polystyrene, lycra, hessian, foam rubber and most other materials that can absorb.

  • Certification with every order traceable to A UKAS accredited laboratory
  • Produced in an ISO 9001 Quality Assured environment to exacting standards
  • Water based flame retardant. No nasty solvents.
  • Suitable for apparel & bedding
  • Non sting formula. safe on skin.  
  • Statement of performance with every order.
  • Excellent performance on artificial flowers
  • Suitable for spray, roller or immersion application.
  • Dry clean durable (upto 10 Cycles)
  • Tested and proven to perform to B.S.5867 Pt2 Type B. B.S.5852 0 & 1, Euro Standards EN1101 EN1102 
  • Tested and proven to perform to  German DIN4102 B1 & B2 for Curtain, drapes & costume in Germany
  • Performs To M.C.A. & I.M.O standards for charter vessels & passenger ships (See NX2)
  • Can perform to CAA Spec 8 for aircraft
  • Effective on natural, natural / synthetic blends & most synthetic textiles.

Typical Applications

  • Curtains & drapes, including theatre stage & wing curtains (Including Synthetic Materials)
  • Stage props, flat sets & scenery
  • Chairs settees, stools, fixed upholstery & some bedding. (Will not achieve BS5651 Watersoak test)
  • Theatrical costumes & party clothing
  • Boat beds, bunks & curtains
  • Aircraft seating & carpets
  • Artwork, Paper and Card
  • Papier mache projects & collages
  • Lighting special effects for theatre & stores
  • Tapestries & wall hangings
  • Banners & signs for internal use
  • Inglenook beams & internal decorative timber
  • Rugs & Carpets (Including Synthetic Carpets)
  • Temporary fireproof barriers
  • Hay & straw internal scenery for seating
  • Foams & Sponges
  • Artificial & dried natural flowers & foliage

How does it work?

Order the treatment online and post your flag to us at:

Red Dragon Flagmakers
Unit 2, Players Industrial Estate
Swansea SA6 5BQ.

Please remember to include a copy of your order or at the very least a note with your order number so we can match it up with the paperwork at our end when it arrives.

We will treat the flag, sew in the certification label and when its dry, pack it up and return it to you - usually within a few days.  You dont need a paper certificate, the sewn in label is certification enough for entry into stadiums.

Your order payment covers the cost of postage.



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