Canvas (flag canvas, header tape) – Red Dragon Flagmakers

The perfect finish

Every flag is finished with one form or other of finish to the left facing side of the physical product and we use strong nylon flag 'canvas' header tape in varying appropriate widths to do just that.  We use UK made poly canvas tape as standard and for custom work we sometimes cover the canvas in a continuation of the main ground fabric or make our own to specified widths using canvas duck tape.  Either way, its best to make sure that your flag is securely attached to an anchor which can cope with the weather, on and offshore, rain or shine.

If you need a little extra to do your own repairs, we sell it by the metre in three different widths.  

The tape has a centre crease to make attachment to your flag easy.  Don't forget to fold over each end and stitch your rope into the canvas against the crease to eliminate slippage and movement.  You'll need to buy more than the width of your flag to accommodate this allowance.

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