Vintage stitched and appliqued Bath and Wells dioscean flag – Red Dragon Flagmakers

Bath and Wells Dioscean (FLAG LOCKER)

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Choose one of the options as the finish to your flag. Canvas header, cored rope and ash wood toggle are supplied as standard. We only supply durable UK manufactured CORED polypropelene white rope (measuring between 40mm and 70mm proportionate to the dimensions of the flag overall). Metal eyelets tend to weaken the canvas so instead we stitch buttonhole eyelets to the top and bottom of the canvas left facing. If you require a flag finish not listed, please email us on and we'll do our best to accommodate you.
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Vintage flag from the Red Dragon Flagmakers Flag Locker

Description:  Fully stitched and appliqued Bath and Wells Dioscean flag.  Single layer, stitched through, mirror image on reverse, fully hemmed, canvas rope and toggle.

Dimensions: 54x27 inches

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