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Red Dragon MFG Ltd is a social enterprise, an equal opportunities employer and we believe that attitude is the biggest disability.

We mainly recruit through strategic partners who know us well and we together we work as a team to continue to offer skills training and employment on an individual rather than generic basis, specifically appropriate to those most marginalised from mainstream employment for whatever reason and delivered via a tried and tested managed and monitored process.  The training we deliver is not yet accredited, but we're working on this. 

Dream job with Red Dragon Flagmakers

If this way of working sits well with you, we'd love to hear from you - see our current vacancies below.

Measuring social impact

The main measure of our social impact is the number of individuals trained, employed and retained:

- 7 staff in regular employment, 5 recruited through established referral processes
- retention figures show we are a stable team, 5 staff have been with us over 2 years
- 3 trainees and 1 intern currently; a total of 97 people trained since inception
- 210 applications received.

The positive impact of being part of a team and developing skills is significant.  Personal stories of trainees/employees are a matter of confidentiality, but previous barriers to employment that RDM has helped overcome include race, culture, language, illiteracy, age, hearing impairment, caring responsibility, emotional trauma, mental health, substance misuse, history of imprisonment.  Some individuals decide at interview that the job/training process doesn’t suit them.

Staff engagement such as appraisals provide qualitative information about factors that impact on recruitment, training and retention. This ensures that HR processes remain responsive to individual needs of (potential) employees and their role in the business.

Our strategic employment partners facilitate retention of benefits during an 8-week ‘on the job’ training program. If the individual has potential and is motivated to continue, the agencies either sponsor further training or RDM offers a 3-month probation contract. We provide permanent employment subject to Terms and Conditions after 5 months.

In the last three years we have averaged 70 referrals a year, resulting in 32 trainees starting, 10 of which stayed on in a paid capacity (all average figures). Based on our current staff team of 6, retention over the 3 years that the company has traded stands at 20%.

Sustainability of our social mission is ultimately measured in terms of the financial viability of RDM as a business–in the first three years of trading our turnover has more than doubled, and we anticipate a profit for year end to January 2018.

RDM predominantly recruits through strategic employment partners whose outcomes fit our social mission (see our Memorandum and Articles of Association).

Strategic partners

Our networks have significantly expanded as the business has become established and we recruit mainly through the following strategic partners.

The Wallich
Shaw Trust
Jobcentre Plus / Work Choice
Merthyr Tydfil Institute for the Blind
Gower College
National Training Federation for Wales

So who are we looking for?

We are a busy, growing business in the Uplands village of Swansea, making traditional sewn and quality printed flags and we're looking for new team members with lots of great attitude and potential to join us as we expand.

Specifically we're looking for sewing machinists with solid experience of domestic and/or industrial sewing machines, flat bed and zigzag - if you have a knack and are efficient, organised, methodical, have an attention to detail and want to work as part of a growing team, this may suit you down to the ground.

Do you have what it takes?

An eye for detail and quality finish for this role is absolutely essential. We're not as interested in qualifications as much as the right attitude and personality.

Who are you?

This may suit someone wanting to work around school hours or on a flexi basis. If you're aged between 16 and 24 years old we have routes to employment which we can help you with. If you're retired and love to sew, this might be right up your street. (Our oldest employee is 69 and amazing!).

Where do you want to work?

If you're looking for a great work environment, have a positive upbeat 'can do attitude' and want to work for us doing either of these jobs (rather than just any old job), we look forward to hearing from you soon. It is important that you research what this company does before you apply so you know what we're about.

Please don't call. Write to us.

Email a covering letter with your application explaining what you like about the sound of this job, your experience and your availability. NO LETTER, NO INTERVIEW. Time wasters need not apply.

UK non resident status, language skills and support

We welcome refugee and non UK resident volunteers and if you don't speak or write good English, please ask someone you know who does have language and writing skills to apply on your behalf explaining the situation.

You will need to understand English to successfully fulfill the requirements of the training and the work, but if you have the right attitude we will support you with English language and essential skills training to bring you up to speed.

The hours we work

All roles are 16 hours (part time) or up to 40 hours pw (dependent on experience) on flexi time (around school times etc), and we pay on or above the national living wage p.h. (age appropriate and dependent on experience), 28 days holiday p.a. pro rata on a 40 hr week and training is given on the job if required.

Probation and training

Min two months initial probation and successful completion of an eight stage training programme required. If you're currently out of work, you can train with us under the work placement scheme, complete your training and not lose any benefits you currently receive whilst getting good skills under your belt and the potential for meaningful employment.

There is potential to earn more once you've earned your stripes and the rest is up to you.

We're aiming to achieve accreditation for our training programme by the end of 2017.

Walking the walk

Red Dragon is a social enterprise, an equal opportunities, living wage and disability confident employer. We have a strong Equality and Diversity policy and a zero tolerance policy on bullying and discrimination in the workplace. 

Something different

Perhaps you're retired, a carer, on benefits or disabled?  You may be a stay at home parent restricted by school times..... or unlucky in your job search.  Get in touch with us and there may be an opportunity for you with us.


All volunteering, work experience, placements and employment with Red Dragon MFG starts with training on a part time basis around individual needs and the Company's training rota and may include a need for machinists (sewing), clerical and marketing personnel.

If you are interested in volunteering with us and/or training with us with a view to employment - or just to give you a meaningful and productive pastime, please make contact through whichever of the following you are already (or would like to be) registered with. We reimburse all reasonable out of pocket expenses.  

Rewards: adventure is optional

We are Official partners with Challenge Wales.  

Adventure is an incredible life-changing opportunity and part of our reward scheme is to give our staff the opportunity to break away and experience something incredible.  We hold two team building sessions a year - on board and at sea (voluntary of course) and all trainees who gain pass the training and become strong members of the team are given the chance to sail away on a day or week adventure on board Challenge Wales, sponsored by the partnership.

Click HERE to read all about this amazing charity and the rewards of working with RDM.

Current vacancies

Marketing Assistant - click HERE for information.

Sewing machinist - click HERE for information.

Trustee Directors - click HERE for information. 

Useful contacts and referral agencies

Shaw Trust (Neath, Port Talbot) (Swansea)

JCP (Job Centre Plus)
Your local Work Choice representative

Volunteers should contact us direct on or 01792 466732 for further information.

If you are responding to an ad on Indeed, Gumtree, Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn, please email a letter remembering to identify the job post reference and title you are applying for.

Please do not call.  Only written correspondence will be entered into. 



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