Traditional sewn flags

Looking for traditional sewn / stitched custom flags?

To give you a no obligation quote for your SEWN flags we will need to see a design or have a description to work to to give a no obligation quote.  

We have a band and price chart which you're welcome to refer to HERE - this breaks down the price including VAT of all national flags - and these prices are live on our website per national flag listing. 

If you have artwork and its very low in resolution we may need to redraw it (there's a one off charge of £30 payable for this, but you get to keep the digi file for future use) but if you have artwork with a high resolution in a PDF or JPEG format, we will probably be able to use that and any amendments will be free of charge up to three drafts.

Technology is very clever these days and whilst we embrace new developments, we remain true to your roots and traditionally sew the majority of flags, depending on customer requirements and budget.  For sewn flags we use MOD spec woven polyester which has a matt linen open weave appearance very similar to the wool mix fabrics used previously. See the section in the footer of this website on 'fabrics we use' for more information on this subject.  

We would just like to say how pleased we are with our bespoke flag, made from a lot stronger material than we thought it would be.  Excellent thank you very much. Derrick (December 2016).     

Our back catalogue page (click HERE to go straight to that page) is full of examples of the traditional sewn (and other) flags we've made over time, but below is just one example which clearly shows the stitching and finish on our highest quality traditional sewn flags.

Woolf coat of arms

This coat of arms is actually double sided with an interlining and custom two colour fringe around three sides with a canvas sleeve wide enough for the wooden ceremonial pole. 

Sewn flags can be used as ceremonial flags and to fly outdoors.  Sewn flags just as well as printed flags outdoors, although there has to be wind for any flag to fly and as the make up of the sewn detailed flags sometimes makes the flag heavier in the first instance, more wind than less is better for full flight.

stitched flags

See our top header menu for all the options you could consider in ordering your flag, or in the footer menu for advice on flag sizes, the fabrics we use, finish available and the glossary of terms. 

Part sewn part print

We've developed a technique of printing detail to either knit polyester or taffeta and then appliqueing two of those 'badges' to both sides of a fully sewn base flag.  This can be considerably less expensive (and time consuming) than a fully sewn flag if for instance there is a need for a coat of arms which can be quite intricate and fiddling to recreate.

Here we show examples of flags we've made in this format. You'll see that its not easy to tell at a distance whether the flag is fully or partially sewn.

Endeavour series V flag Douglas Isle of Man flag

Quality printed flags

We recommend that you be cautious when purchasing off the shelf flags from an online retailer. Many flag retailers import their printed flags to sell on to the customer at a premium and invariably the fabric those flags are made of is the economy (cheap) sheet nylon.  

V12 custom bunting

Our printed flags are made using fire retardant strong and durable knit polyester which is then sublimation printed and heat press steamed to ensure a 95% show through to reverse, strong vibrant and long lasting colours and the next best thing to a fully sewn traditional stitched flag. Everything we sell is 100% made in the UK.

For information and prices per sizes on our printed flags, please click HERE.

Economy (cheap) flags

We don't make or supply economy flags.  

Show and tell.....?

If you'd like us to take a look at your design ideas, please use the contact sheet below and we'll get back to you within 24 hours (including sometimes the weekends!). 


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