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CUSTOM flags

Designed and made to order - any design, no order too small. No obligation quotes.

We welcome orders of every size - no matter how small (or huge!).

You may be a business owner, an event organiser, a procurement officer. Perhaps you're a regimental buyer or a supply chain manager? You may have a boat, a yacht or a fleet of fishing boats? Perhaps you need a flag with your coat of arms - to fly, hang as an installation or frame for posterity? or bunting for a town event?

We make flags, banners, bunting and more... fully printed, part printed/part sewn and fully traditional stitched format and all our flags are 100% made in the UK in our Swansea workshop.  Any flag, any size or shape. No order too small.

The quality of our flags

We don't print 'economy flags' (sheet nylon flags), we only print to strong 110gsm knit polyester (check that this is what you've been quoted for when comparing our prices to others.... not all flags are created equal...). 

For stitched and appliqued flags we use MOD spec woven polyester as standard which has a matt linen open weave appearance very similar to the wool mix fabrics used previously.  

Both the knit and woven polyester fabrics we use are fire retardant certified (we can label your flag up accordingly on request) and durable.

Information links

Please use the search bar at the top of the website to search for what you need.  Alternatively use the tab links listed at the top of the website on the HOME page or click the relevant link below:

For all info on CUSTOM STITCHED flags, click HERE

For all info on CUSTOM PRINTED flags, click HERE

For all info on BRILLIANT BUNTING, click HERE

For all info on GONFALONS, click HERE

For all info on COFFIN DRAPES, click HERE

Price lists

For the price per size on PRINTED flags click HERE.

For the price per size on TRADITIONAL STITCHED generic NATIONAL flags click HERE

For prices on CUSTOM TRADITIONAL STITCHED flags, please contact us using the contact box below for a no obligation quote. 

Ready to send us your flag designs?

Awesome - please use THIS LINK to upload and send us your artwork and description.

Flag speak

There is a whole world of vexillolgical (flag) language - if you're not sure what something means and would like to gen up on the correct terminology, click HERE.

Show and tell

Please do send us pictures of your flags in use or you're welcome to share them with the World on social media.  Our links are:

Facebook: Red Dragon Flagmakers

Twitter:  reddragonmfg

Insta:  reddragonflags

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