T&Cs of employment

Principal statement of main terms and conditions of employment between (Company/employer) Red Dragon Manufacturing Ltd and (employee) xx.

Commencement of employment and continuous employment

Your employment with the Company began on xx (mention here anything relevant ref for example a supported earnings scheme facilitated by the Shaw Trust.  Whilst your wages were paid by RDM, you were financed by the Shaw Trust.)  From (date), you were employed directly by RDM on x hours per calender week.  Any employment with RDM prior to xx (date employment rather than training started) or associated companies does not count as part of your period of continuous employment but after that date holiday accruals are included. 

Job title / duties

Your employment with the Company is as xx and you are expected to carry out such acts and duties as required of you and to comply with all reasonable directions. 

Place of work / job location

Your normal place of work is as Jesmond House, 75 Walter Road, Uplands, Swansea SA1 4QA.  Your place of work may change subject to the growth and development of the Company. 

Hours of work

From your start date of xx, your normal hours of work are xx hours between Monday and Friday inclusive weekly, flexi time between the hours of 08:30am and 6:00pm, during which if any working day totals longer than six hours you will be entitled to a 30 minute break for lunch, paid – any time taken in excess of the 30 minute break for lunch will be unpaid.  In exceptional circumstances, the Company reserves the right to reduce these working hours subject to workload and business finances, giving one week’s notice.  The Company reserves the right to request that additional hours be worked by all employees within reason where deadlines must be met and work completed. 

Time off in lieu for additional hours (TOIL) is available to employees at the discretion of the CEO and to a maximum of given normal working days per annum. 

Pay / remuneration

Your rate of pay is xx per hour in line with the UK Government living wage regulations, which accrues from day to day. RDM is an accredited Living Wage employer.  You will be paid at weekly intervals in arrears on a Monday for and following the end of the completed previous week on a draw down basis.  You will be paid by BACS to the bank account you have supplied and supplied with a monthly payslip within one week of the last day of the previous month. These payslips are calculated externally by the Accountant.


Your holiday entitlement is 28 days per annum pro rata against a 40 hour/pw average week including all public holidays.  The Company closes between Christmas and New Year and you are expected to hold a sufficient amount of your annual leave in reserve to cover this period. 

Your holiday pay will be the normal rate of pay.  Your holiday year runs from the 1st January annually.  For part time staff, holiday leave entitlement is strictly pro rata to a full time 40 hour week. 

Should you leave your employment with the Company having taken more holiday leave than your allowance permits, the monies will be deducted from final pay, or in the case where monies due do not cover the allowance, be refundable to the Company by you either through hours worked in lieu or by refunds of monies to the Company’s bank account within 30 days of leaving the employ of the Company. 

Sickness / absence from work

If for any reason you are unable to come to work, you should telephone the office (01792 4667632) as soon as possible (or text on 07977 631393) on the first day of your absence. 

Where this absence is through sickness, you may be entitled to receive statutory sick pay.  (Please note that since April 2014, employers are not refunded these SSP payments).  The Company reserves the right to make adjustments on a case by case basis. 

Wages will not be payable for the first three days of sickness and thereafter the statutory sick pay allowance will be paid as applicable.  You will be required to complete a self-certification form for days 4-7 of sickness absence and obtain a medical certificate from day eight onwards.  If n/either of these certificates are received by the Company within the given timeframe, the Company reserves the right to withhold SSP until the paperwork is received. 

You are required to correspond with the Company in writing every week to keep the Company updated (either by post or by email).  The Company reserves the right to cease payment of SSP if it believes that sickness is not genuine or has cause to believe that you have either taken employment elsewhere instead of, or as well as, your employment with the Company without notifying the Company first.


The Company will shortly introduce and operate a pension scheme applicable to your employment. 

Ending the employment / termination / notice periods

Your contract of employment is for an indefinite period but subject to notice.  After one month’s you must give one week’s notice to terminate your employment.  After one month you are entitled to one week’s notice for the first two years of employment, and after that period you receive an extra week for each year up to a maximum of 12 weeks after 12 years of employment. 

For example

Length of service


More than one month but less than two years

One week

More than two years but less than four years

Three weeks

More than 12 years

12 weeks


You acknowledge that during the course of your employment you will have access to confidential information belonging to the Company.  You shall not at any time during, except in the proper course of carrying out your duties, or after your employment whether directly or indirectly disclose to a third party or make use of any confidential information. 

For the purposes of this section, ‘confidential information’ shall include:

  • Information relating to the business methods
  • Corporate plans
  • Finances
  • Staff members
  • Policies and wages
  • Details of the Clients of the Company
  • Business opportunities and development projects of the Company
  • Trade secrets including designs or inventions belonging to the Company
  • All or any information relating to the marketing or sales of any past, present or projected product or service of the Company, and
  • Any information in respect of which the Company owes an obligation of confidentiality to a third party.

Publication and commentary on information relating to the Company on social media networks, with former employees or former Board members of the Company is strictly prohibited. 

The Company’s commitment to its employees

Red Dragon Manufacturing Ltd is a registered social enterprise, an equal opportunities employer and holder of the Double Tick Disability Awareness badge. 

It is the Company’s firmly held belief that ‘attitude is the biggest disability’ and the Directors of the Company support a zero tolerance on bullying and any form of discrimination in the workplace. 

Any breach of these terms will be dealt with appropriately by the CEO of the Company in the first instance with the agreement of its Board of Directors in full compliance with UK employment legislation and laws, whenever updated.

Disciplinary rules and procedure

The Company expects you to confirm to its standards of conduct and performance.  These are explained in the Company’s Disciplinary Policy which in accessible in the Company’s office.  If you are dissatisfied with a disciplinary decision, you should apply in writing to the CEO.  For further details of the appeals procedure, refer to the Company Disciplinary Procedure.  This does not form part of your contract and may vary from time to time. 

Grievances procedure

If you have any grievance relating to your employment you should, in the first instance, raise it informally with your CEO.  If you are not satisfied with the response, you should apply in writing to the Board of Directors in accordance with the Procedure on Company Grievances for the purpose of seeking redress.  This does not form part of your contract and may vary from time to time.

Other matters

Other policies, procedures and guidance relevant to your employment with the Company are located in the Staff Handbook folders located in the Company office.  You should ensure you are familiar with these.  Key issues have already been covered with you as a new employees as part of the company Induction process.  

These policy documents summarise your employment arrangements although do not necessarily form part of your contract.  In so far as there is any inconsistency between this statement of terms and conditions and the various policy documentation, your statement of terms and conditions will take precedence. 

Collective agreements

Your terms and conditions of employment are not affected by a collective agreement.


Signed:                                                      Jo Ashburner Farr (CEO) Date:  xx


Acknowledgement of receipt

I acknowledge receipt of my particulars of employment


Signed:                                                                     xx                     Date:




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