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About STITCHED flags

Comparing stitched and printed format flags

We're here to help and we try and make the process of making a flag for you as interesting and un-nerdy as possible.  We give no nonsense advice and no obligation quotes and we will do what we can to answer all your questions and help you realise your flag.

Here we show our printed flag and sewn flag side by side. Both are made by us and both are really great quality - the decision to buy either version is really down to where you're planning on flying your flag, what you want the message to be, your budget and how long you're planning to fly the flag.  

Welsh Dragon printed flag sewn flag


Designing your stitched flag

Send us a picture / screen grab or sketch of the flag you'd like to have made (image1 below) and we will then adapt it to the scale and format you require - whether thats as a flag, a banner or other format.

Whether you decide to go for a printed or stitched end product, we will need to have vectorised crystal clear artwork and if you dont' already have this, we can create it for you - £30 plus vat per design (up to 3x drafts) - and you keep the digital file for future use across all media - so a great investment.

Cosmic colliery artwork by Red Dragon Flagmakers
Cosmic Colliery Hefin Jones Red Dragon Flagmakers


Once a final design has been agreed we will send you a no obligation 14 days quote with all the suggested print and stitched and fabric type options for consideration.

Stitched flags

When creating a stitched coat of flag we ask you to consider a variety of textiles and textures to bring your investment piece to life.  This may include taffeta, linen, two tone fabrics, matt polycotton, MOD spec woven polyester and satin amongst others (CLICK HERE TO SEE THE FABRICS WE USE).  There are many examples of the variety of combinations throughout our website.

Its important to remember that applique and traditional stitched flags are not the same as digitally embroidered.

Embroidered flags look as follows and is a service we offer but not what is used on fully stitched and applique flags. Embroidered designs are only one sided and are more suitable for clothing and framed items. Click HERE to go to our EMBROIDERED flag link.

Embroidered flag example by Red Dragon Flagmakers


To create a fully stitched flag, we then follow a traditional process of projecting the image to scale onto our studio wall and tracing the design to paper.  We then take your choice of fabrics, trace each detail to each piece of fabric and layer and pin them on the front and back of the flag ground in reverse order.  We then applique the design in close zigzag stitch and trim each element as we go to reveal the finished image.  

Stitched flag by Red Dragon Flagmakers


Part of the process of digitising a flag design is to remove very small detail which is not transferable to stitched format. There always has to be space around each layer of stitching to be able to trim back and reveal the detail. Once the design has been fully stitched and trimmed, we cut the ground to size, fully hem it and then finish with canvas rope and toggle as standard or other pre-agreed format.
Trimming a stitched flag by Red Dragon Flagmakers
Stitched ceremonial flag with gold bullion fringe by Red Dragon Flagmakers
For printed flags - click HERE.

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