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Thats us.... a social mission business

Red Dragon Manufacturing Ltd is a social enterprise, registered at Companies House as a Limited by Guarantee 'not for profit' business.

We DO make a profit (as all dynamic forward thinking little businesses do....) and 100% of our profits go back into the personal and professional development of the staff who are all trained in house and the recruitment and training of additional staff as the business grows.

We are not a grant dependent social enterprise.  Sales enable profits which support our recruitment of additional people to train for sustainable employment with the outcome of a positive contribution to local, regional and UK economy. 

We are the ONLY flag maker incorporated and run as a social interest company.

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So what is a social enterprise?

A social enterprise is an organisation which applies commercial strategies to maximize improvements in human and environmental well-being - this may include maximizing social impact alongside profits for external shareholders.

Social enterprises can be structured as a for profit or non-profit and may take the form (depending which country the SE is located in) of a cooperative, a mutual organisation, a dis-regraded entity, a social business, a benefit corporation, a community interest company (CIC) or a charity organisation.  Social enterprises can also take more conventional structures but what differentiates social enterprises from other non-profit and profit making business formats is that their social mission is as core to their success as any potential profit.

Many commercial enterprises consider themselves to have social objectives, but commitment to these objectives is perhaps motivated by the perception that such commitment will ultimately make the enterprise more financially valuable. These are organisations that might be more properly described to be operating corporate responsibility programs.

Social enterprises differ in that their commitment to impact is central to the mission of the business. Some social enterprises may not aim to offer any benefit to their investors except where they believe that doing so will ultimately further their capacity to realize their social and environmental goals - although there is a huge variation in forms and activities.

The term 'social enterprise' has a mixed and contested heritage - philanthropic roots in the USA and cooperative roots in the UK, EU and Asia. In the US, the term is associated with 'doing charity by doing trade', rather than 'doing charity while doing trade'. In other countries, there is a much stronger emphasis on community organisation and democratic control of capital and mutual principles, rather than through philanthropy.

In recent years, there has been a noticeable rise in the concept of social purpose businesses pursuing social profit and responsibility directly, or the raising of funds for charitable projects.

Red Dragon Manufacturing Ltd (Red Dragon Flagmakers) is a social enterprise and a registered member of Social Enterprise UK.  When you buy from Red Dragon Flagmakers, you buy social.  

Advisory Group on Creating a Culture of Social Impact Investment - report

The Social Impact Report 2016

Social Impact  2016 Report Red Dragon Flagmakers

Natwest SE100 - Red Dragon MFG's social impact health check 2017

Natwest SE100 and Red Dragon Manufacturing (Flagmakers) Social mission

Click HERE to see the press link.

Generated profit is re-invested into the training and employment of people in our local communities with a mission to contribute towards real social change.

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Who are social enterprises?

Who buys social? Who buys their flags from Red Dragon Flagmakers?

Here we list some of our valued clients who are committed to buying social.

Red Dragon Flagmakers, official supplier to European Space Agency  Ceredigion County Council (Tourism) flags  Yeo Valley Logo

Unison banner by red dragon flagmakersWelsh Government flags   Mercedes Benz flags

 Foreign and Commonwealth Office flags   BBC buys flags from Red Dragon Flagmakers

UWTSD flags Andrew Scott flags 

 kier buy flags from red dragon flagmakers  Kelloggs chooses Red Dragon Flagmakers as its preferred supplier of flags

What is CSR?

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is business buying power.  Buying from social enterprises makes your money go further. Join the revolution and unleash your spending power.

As with everything else in life, there are benefits and breaks to investing in social mission projects and we welcome seed mentor interest on this basis. 

SEED EIS was introduced in the 2012 UK Government Budget to encourage investment into smaller businesses.  In the 2014 Budget, the Chancellor confirmed the success of the programme by approving it as a permanent Government incentive.

The tax relief on investments in businesses like Red Dragon MFG Ltd are very generous and include:

  • 50% income tax relief on investments
  • 14% capital gains tax relief
  • inheritance tax exemption if shares are held for two years or more
  • SEIS loss relief can be offset against taxable income. 

Investors also have the reassurance that the investment process is stringent and only companies with a robus business plan and an experienced management team are considered.

If you are interested in investing in our business, please contact us in confidence. 

The Public Services Social Value Act 2012

For all those purchasing via the public purse, the Public Services Social Act 2012 is a must read.  It is now law that all purchases made using public money should be made in consideration of social impact and value.

To read a summary of the Act - click HERE 

Starting a social enterprise

Social Enterprise UK and Natwest published the 'starting a social enterprise' advisory document in July 2017. Click the thumbnail below to read.  Enjoy. 

Start your own social enterprise Social Enterprise UK Natwest

Please use the contact form below to reach us with any enquiries you have on this information and our products.  We look forward to hearing from you!


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