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South Wales Evening Post ROOF coat bag saving lives on the streets

Its incredible and shocking that today, people are reduced to sleeping rough on our streets and in our doorways; subjected to being set alight, urinated on, suffering from trench foot and neglect for want of basic human needs and societal support. People are actually dying on our streets.  

Homelessness can happen to anyone. 

The number one priority and goal for us as human beings is to follow our moral compass and help people less fortunate than those of us with enough to share, to assist others escape the state of homelessness and to safeguard them during that transition.

We have developed ROOF, the product, training provider and business model to force a step change to society's visible invisible problem.

ROOF: the product

ROOF is an affordable intelligent coat for life with a lifetime guarantee and multiple applications.  It is a water-resistant, insulated, all in one padded coat with an integrated sleeping bag, hood, hidden pockets and breathable interlining - designed to pack-away into a cross over lightweight and portable shoulder bag.

ROOF: the gamechanger

ROOF is a ground breaking life saving garment - stab proof, fire proof and able to retain body warmth down to sub zero temperatures - these claims are underwritten by tests nearing conclusion at UWTSD in their labs under clinical and industry spec conditions and form part of the Intellectual Property Rights written and supervised by the Thompson Reuter Foundation. The testing has been supported by Astute 2020 funding awarded to UWTSD through Swansea University.

For a consumer who wants an urban all weather coat with a clear social mission, ROOF is a coat for life.

For a rough sleeper, ROOF is their shelter, their warmth and their security to help them survive the harsh reality of living on our streets. 

For a refugee - ROOF could be the difference between surviving a winter or journey to safety, or not. 

ROOF:  the project

​The ROOF business mission gives people the platform on which to build a better life for themselves, to be the safe zone for those who are trapped in the cycle of homelessness and to help those break free from the revolving door that sees people return to living on our streets due to a lack of opportunities. 

​​ROOF:  a positive social outcome

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