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Flags for the public sector

"The Minister was pleased to see Red Dragon Manufacturing's success in becoming finalists in the ‘One to Watch’ category of the Social Enterprise Wales Awards 2015 and in the good work the company is engaged in, including its work with people previously marginalised from mainstream employment."

From the office of Edwina Hart MNE CStj AM, Minister for Economy, Science and Transport

Years of hands on experience, history and credentials

We have been suppliers to UK and overseas Governments with their flag requirements throughout our history and, to give you an idea of the scope of our capability, are a preferred supplier to Foreign and Commonwealth Office (Nato Summit Wales), the European Space Agency; military regiments, aviation corps and naval squadrons.

The Red Dragon Flagmakers Welsh Government supplier reference number is: 50074217.

Specialist expert advice, service, delivery and applications

Our Chairman Robin Ashburner is ex-President and current honorary Vice President of the Flag Institute, the largest flag organisation in the world and the national vexillological organisation of the United Kingdom.  Robin re-invigorated the membership and interest in the failing Flag Institute in the 1980s with his extensive knowledge and possibly the largest library of books on flags and vexillology in private hands.  This provides us with an unparalleled global resource for the accurate and relevant reproduction of flags for Sovereign States and International organisations.

Very few flagmakers have the breadth of capability and depth of production required to deliver in such specialised advice, service, delivery and applications and Red Dragon Flagmakers is proud to be able to do just that from within the UK. We have an established history of exceeding all service level requirements, even under the particularly difficult conditions that government procurement teams now face.

Red Dragon Flagmakers are well versed in tender procedures and Framework agreements and delivering on contracts we win - contact us today to discuss your requirements.

As a social enterprise, a business with a social mission and the only social enterprise Flagmaker in the world we are a 'supported business' in the sense that when public money is to be spent, a purchasing and/or procurement officer is required to consider social benefit as a priority as much as price and other criteria. We therefore have access to reserved contracts with this in mind on for instance Sell2Wales. Please contact us for more information if required.


New Definition of Supported Businesses (March 2017)
Red Dragon Flagmakers is what is termed as a 'supported business'.  This doesnt meant that we as a business are grant funded or financed in any way other than another Limited company would, it means that as we employ disabled or disadvantaged people in our workplace we may be able to benefit from a recent change to public sector procurement regulations designed to create more opportunities for social businesses. Red Dragon Flagmakers is a social mission business.

As part of its policy on public sector procurement, the Welsh Government has implemented the EU Public Procurement Directives 2014.

The Directives contain a stipulation that public sector bodies may reserve certain procurement opportunities for supported businesses running sheltered workshops/employment programmes, where disabled workers make up 50% of the workforce.

This qualifying criteria has recently changed to include disadvantaged workers as well as disabled people, and also lowered the minimum proportion of those workers in the supplier’s workforce required to 30%, which means more social businesses are eligible to bid for reserved contracts which is the case with Red Dragon Flagmakers.

Examples of disadvantaged workers include anyone aged 15-24 or over 50; anyone who has not been in regular paid employment for six months or more and anyone who lives as a single adult with one or more dependents.

For more information, please refer to the Sell2Wales website.

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