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A window into what we do....

This is by no means exhaustive but does give a great idea of the scope of our ability to design and make flags of every size and description.

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Punk Union chair

We exhibited at the Procurex Cardiff exhibition in November 2017 on a stand give to us by the Wales Council for Voluntary Action (WCVA) to promote supported (social) businesses as part of the Welsh public procurement supply chain.

To stand out in the crow of pull up roller banners and paper-laden tables, we covered an old wing back chair with traditional sewn Union flags (made by us in our workshop) and encouraged everyone to sit and take a selfies to cross pollinate with our business on PR during the day. 

One of our sitters was the Finance Minister for Wales as well as many other central government and Welsh government officials.  We had a blast!
Procurex Wales Red Dragon Flagmakers November 2017

Flags for a French Chateau

We received an urgent commission to make custom flags in time for a wedding held in a French Chateau this summer. We produced three different versions of the same design. The first was a traditional sewn woven polyester flag with custom colour dyed taffeta detail appliqued to the base.  Robust enough to to fly from the chateau's tower but delicate enough to fly well on a hot summer's day with minimum breeze.  The second was a fully ceremonial flag made from taffeta, appliqued, double layered and finished with gold bullion fringe trim. The third were two smaller versions of the flag flown above the chateau to be framed as commemorative gifts. 
flags for a french chateau flags for a french chateau
flags for a french chateau flags for a french chateau


Catholic flag

For lack of a better name, we're calling this project the Catholic flag.  We were sent miniscule pictures and a suggested colour and asked to reproduce a banner flag for a Catholic church.  This we duly did and have subsequently been told that the flag has been blessed and is now proudly hanging in situ.

Catholic flag Catholic flag

Catholic flag

Catholic flag Catholic flag

Corfu Challenge

The first week of July 2017 sees the Corfu Challenge and the set of custom (client) designed fully printed pantone matched and hand sewn / finished flags for all the officials and courtesy notices on board and on shore during the Regatta. (Wish you were there?!)

Corfu Challenge July 2017 Corfu Challenge July 2017

Woolf coat of arms

We took a picture no bigger than the size of an envelope and transformed it into a fully sewn coat of arms banner - complete with custom made blue and white bullion fringe. This was a bagged banner - two sides sewn exactly the same (one mirrored left to right facing on the rear of the banner), interlined and over hemmed. Stunning!

Woolf coat of arms  Woolf coat of arms banner by red dragon flagmakersWoolf coat of arms banner by red dragon flagmakersWoolf coat of arms by red dragon flagmakers

Portsmouth Historic Boatyard

Portsmouth Historic Boatyard


We were asked to create a fully sewn robust banner for the Swansea branch of Unison.  The result was a quality banner, held up by two polished rosewood ceremonial flagpoles and paraded through the streets of Cardiff in March 2017.
Unison banner in Cardiff by red dragon flagmakers march 2017 Unison banner by Red Dragon Flagmakers anti racisism 

National Museum of Wales

With our head office and workshop in Wales, it is important for us that we engage as much as possible with businesses in both the public and private sectors within our region as much as possible. In the case of working with public sector, we believe it makes sense for organisations such as the National Museum of Wales - who are funded with public money - to spend their budgets within the third sector. Actively promoting and engaging with a circular economy keeps the wealth within the region and UK as a whole is we believe crucial to sustaining employment and skills locally - wherever local may be in the UK.
National Museum Wales, traditional sewn flags and banners

University of Wales Trinity St David (UWTSD)

We have worked with UWTSD for several years now. We produce their University crest flags as well as the international flags they fly over all their campus' region-wide. UWTSD, like the National Museum of Wales, is committed to engaging with local businesses and to engaging with the third sector wherever possible.

University of Wales Trinity St David, quality printed flag, coat of arms with standard bearers, full colour


In 2015 Red Dragon Flagmakers were called upon to rectify a serious problem at their new Swansea City premises, Alex House, which houses a flagpole at the top of a dome construction over the main building. We made good the pole (acting as a lightening conductor) which had been incorrectly installed, made it safe with repairs and custom made steel work and worked with the Estates Department to rectify a potentially dangerous situation.

Alex House, UWTSD flagpole repairs


We are enthusiastic supporters and suppliers of flags to the Eisteddfod, the annual festival of Wales, held in different localities around the Country and celebrating the arts, crafts, music, poetry and talent of the Welsh culture and people. 

Eisteddfod flags by Red Dragon Flagmakers

Commonwealth Games, Manchester 2002

Red Dragon Flagmakers and Commonwealth Games Manchester 2002

Military and Armed Forces

We supply many regiments, battalions and cores of the Armed Forces in the UK with their printed flags, sewn flags, the application of badges to their clothing and even the mounting of Tour medals to ribbon strips.

Royal Marines, Cardiff

Royal Marines Cardiff new flag designed and made by red dragon flagmakers

Military memorial banner

Coffin cover

Dyfed Powys Police - fully sewn and appliqued Force badge flags for ceremonial use.

Dyfed Police fully sewn flag

Welsh Guards - ceremonial coffin drape and flag

Welsh Guards


We make custom flags for many charities UK-wide including the Royal British Legion, Armed Forces Day, the Tiko Foundation, Claire's Foundation and the Marie Curie Trust amongst others.


Armed forces flag Armed Forces Day Show your Support 


Neath Dulais and Swansea Valley Support Group

Sian James, MP for Swansea East (retired) and now Trustee Director of Red Dragon Flagmakers asked us to reproduce a banner which had originally been made by the ladies of the Neath Dulais and Swansea Valley Support Group but which had disappeared and was needed for the launch of a project in support of the valley miners, something being Welsh and from the valleys, we are all very passionate to support. Sian was delighted with the result - not bad considering we took the design from a faded photo.  Here she is pictured with two of her grandchildren with the banner centre stage behind her.
Sian James and miner banner by red dragon flagmakers
Neath Dulais and Swansea Valley Miners Support Group

Swansea City Council - events

This is an example of an event our local council held recently where local schools entered a competition to design a flag. The artwork we delivered in the form of a flag reflected the integrity of the children's work and was flown with pride city-wide.

Swansea City Council school competition flag, fully printed

Cardiff University

Red Dragon Flagmakers supply Cardiff University with their sewn flags and banners as well as custom items such as appliqued table cloths for high table events.

Cardiff University flag, fully sewn

London 2012 Olympics

In 2012, Red Dragon Flagmakers was commissioned to make a vast Union flag in pure silk by a London fashion house which was then adapted and made into a stunning full length gown shown on the catwalk at an event in the run up to the Games. We welcome any creative alternative to the regular use of flags and this was great fun to do and everyone was extremely pleased with the results! 

London magazine, silk Union made by Jo Ashburner at Red Dragon Flagmakers for the Olympics 2012

Maritime, nautical, sailing and boating

Flags are used Worldwide on the high seas. They convey where you're from, where you're going, what you're doing and what you need. We've made sets of codes and signal flags for a fishing fleet in Iceland, for a yacht moored in the Fjords of Norway and we make the burgees for the Royal Southern Yacht Club, Cinque Ports, Greenwich Yacht club and the Royal Yacht Squadron Club. We make courtesy flags, name flags (including brand flags for P&O Shipping), gin (and bra!) pennants and were honoured to make the Queens Arms for the opening of the Cutty Sark in 2012.

We make for merchant shipping too, yacht brokers, shipping agents and chandlers.Lets not forget all those lucky sailors sailing to the sun in their own pride and joy boats (and yachts). Here we show a few examples of the flags we have made which now grace vessels of every size, description and purpose.

Royal Southern Yacht Club

Camarthen Castle, Cadw and The Princes of Deheubarth Project

In 2013 we were commissioned by Camarthen County Council to recreate a series of heraldic flags depicting the content of the coats of arms of the historical Princes of Deheubarth for castles across Wales. We researched and sourced the design of the flags and individually made each one using traditional art and sewing techniques to recreate them.

We also installed a flagpole within the tower at Carmarthen Castle, the very first in its long history.

Princes of Deheubarth, Carmarthen Castle and Cadw

Lacrosse commemorative flag and banner

Corporate, business, house and brand flags

80% of the flags, banners and bunting we make are for custom orders and a large proportion of those are for businesses of every size, keen to up their kerb side appeal and presence. Here we show examples of just a few of those businesses who have invested in their appearance.

Bristol City Council

Masons banner

We were asked by the Lexi Cinema in London to come up with an alternative to a scruffy single layer banner installed outside their premises. Here we see the before (image left) and after (image right) result - a new double layered 'bagged' fully sewn banner in colour run resistant woven polyester and sewn fittings.

Lexi Cinema old banner  Lexi cinema fully sewn banner

Church and Diosece

We make for churches, cathedrals and every religion, including - as a matter of great pride - a flag for His Holiness the Pope and the Vatican and the Bishop of Bath and Wells. Here we show a few examples of the flags we have made.

Vatican flag

If what you've seen in our back catalogue inspires you, then why not contact us to make a design of your own.... complete the form below and we'll be in touch with you within 24 hours (sometimes including the weekends) and go from there.


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