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First came Noonoo, then came flags, now knickers and slippers and eco nappy products...... why?

Red Dragon Manufacturing is a social enterprise manufacturing business in Wales.  Its important for us that we keep it fresh so that everyone who works with us keeps on their toes, are able to exercise their imaginations and put into practice the fabulous traditional and contemporary skills we teach each other.

Glory pants

Glory Pants is one of the pop up product we developed from scratch and launched on to the unsuspecting public at the Cardiff Christmas fair in 2015 within six months of the first itch. We sold out. Random right? but we love it!

Glory pants, be prepared

Click the picture to get your pants on.

Bapu Booties

Bapu Booties (we'll upload these products soon, promise!) is another pop up product we developed from scratch and also launched at the Royal Welsh Spring Fair, Builth Wells in May 2015 within five months of the first itch. These little fellas received such an amazing response, even being filmed for a slot on the Welsh TV programme, S4C.

(Image coming soon)

See our 'making for others' web page too....  the list goes on!

Oh and ......Why? Thats why.

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