UnLtd Festival at Navigation Colliery in Crumlin, June 2017

Paint a flag competition

On the 17th June 2017, UnLtd award winners, social enterprises, CICs and charities gathered at the Navigation Colliery in Crumlin on what was then the hottest day of the year so far, in a celebration of businesses with social value.  

The Red Dragon Flagmakers team arrived just after 8am to set up all the bunting from the main road and in to the grounds, donated for the day to highlight the historically important location and this socially important festival. 
UnLtd Festival at Navigation Colliery in Crumlin, June 2017 Crumlin Navigation Colliery Red Dragon Flagmakers Crumlin Navigation Colliery Red Dragon Flagmakers
 Crumlin Navigation Colliery Red Dragon Flagmakers, Unltd Crumlin Navigation Colliery Red Dragon Flagmakers
During the Festival, we ran a 'paint a flag' competition....

Red Custom Bunting

and chose the three finalists and their gorgeous creations.

Custom Painted Bunting Custom Painted bunting  Custom Bunting

After much deliberation... drum roll please... the winner is .... Gwen Jones (age 5)!  

Her design has been redrawn and vectorised to digital format (see below) and is now being made into a fully printed pennant for her to keep as a souvenir. The money raised on the day through this competition will go into the Red Dragon Flagmakers piggy bank towards their next charitable donation / event.

Many thanks to all the kids and parents who got involved on the day.

Custom Painted Bunting Watch this space for more updates!


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