Maritime flags

Flags for every nautical occasion

We make a comprehensive range of sewn and printed maritime flags, including (but not exclusive to) ensigns, signal and codes flags with substitutes and numerals, all national flags as courtesy flags and many more besides. Use the SEARCH button on teh website header to find what you specifically need.

gin pennant

Codes, signals and numerals are available for purchase as a complete set of 42 including substitutes and numerals or individually as required, in any size to suit - but we've listed only 9x12" and 12x18" as these are the most frequently requested.  

If the size you require isn't listed, please contact us and we will give you a no obligation quote based on your requirements.

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What size do I need?

The rule of thumb with boats is an inch on the flag to a foot on the boat, so for a 24ft boat you’d be looking at about a ¾ yard flag (12x27"). 

Blue ensign, Red Dragon Flagmakers
White ensign flag
Red ensign flag


Pennant, rectangular or swallow tail burgees.

When you want to make a statement, what better way than to fly a burgee from your mast.

custom burgee
custom burgee

custom burgee
custom burgee

So much choice, so many designs

We make one off burgees to any design and offer a discount on multiples.  We offer fully sewn, part sewn and part printed or fully printed to suit.  Fully hemmed and supplied with either canvas rope and toggle as standard and ready to fly or with a canvas sleeve or sewn eyelets - its your call. 


interburns charity custom pennant burgee

ES custom burgee

custom burgee

custom burgee

custom burgee

custom burgee

Here we show a variety of burgees we've made to date, from the Royal Yacht Squadron and the Greenwich Yacht Club to individual custom designs.  Call or email us with your requirements and we'll help you achieve your perfect burgee.

royal yacht squadron burgee

custom burgee custom burgee



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