Hung, drawn and covered by Red Dragon Flagmakers

Hung, drawn and covered

A small step from flags to curtains

Our amazing team has been making curtains, cushions and blinds for years, some since working for Laura Ashley back in the day.
Hung drawn and covered, curtains and cushions and table covers by Red Dragon Flagmakers
In the course of making custom flags and banners, we actually get asked to make curtains and cushions and custom table covers and bed covers for businesses and customer own use very often ... so as we're in a good place at the moment we have have decided to spice things up a bit and open the offering up to everyone.
The Lost Stoned Pandas, limited edition cushion 45x45cm, by Red Dragon Flagmakers

So how does it work?

Its quite straight forward really and we dont even need to meet you in person. Everything is organised via email and/or zoom and/or phone (confirmed in writing).

Why commission us?

Well we only charge you to MAKE the curtains PLUS the cost of lining, header tape, accessories and carriage; and you choose and purchase the curtain fabric of your dreams online or instore and have it delivered to us.
We dont stock curtain fabrics - there are bajillions to choose from on the internet - and all lining is UV resistant cream in colour unless otherwise requested.
However, we do print to cotton, linen and polyester fabrics so if you have a design, show and tell and we will see what we can do!

The process before you buy the fabric:

1. You tell us what you want - style and format wise - perhaps send us a picture
2. You measure up (we'll guide you on this)
3. We give you a no obligation quote, valid for 14 days

If you're happy with the quote:

4. We'll advise on how much fabric you need
5. You buy the fabric and have it delivered to us, or send us a link to purchase it and we will invoice you the same amount plus a small admin fee
6. We make the curtains (lined, ironed and ready to hang)
7.  We pack them up with all the bits and bobs you need to put them up in your home, and
8. We courier them out to you (collection possible if you're local).
Its easy peasy.

So, what can we make for you?

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