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Flags for your business

Are you properly dressed?

You've spent money on your website, your business cards and business premises. You have your logo and your image all sorted - but can anyone see you?  Are you flying the flag for your brand at street level - can passers by identify your brand and building when they walk or drive past?. 

Whether you have a business forecourt, a shop front in need of a bit of kerbside appeal or branding which travels, we're here to help you achieve your aim to visually please and grab attention. 

Edwards Coaches flags by Red Dragon Flagmakers, Brand flags, National flags, Welsh flags

Point of sale

POS flags and bunting for your business whether for use on your business sites or away at exhibitions, conferences, charity events, festivals and (pretty much) everywhere you can think of are an efficient way of getting your name out there for comparatively little cost - and when they are well made, they will last pretty much as long as the branding and business itself.


Hensol Castle traditional stitched flag by Red Dragon Flagmakers

So how does it work?

Its pretty straight forward.  We print our flags and textiles in house, and are able to supply any quantity, large or small.  You send us your logo, colour pantone reference numbers and your product requirements and we'll put together a no obligation quote for you to review.


Harlequin RFC Pembroke Dock by Red Dragon Flagmakers

Hand waving flags 

12x18" flags printed on a single layer, print through, mirror image on reverse, finished with a sleeve and supplied in multiples of 12x units with blond wood sticks and a plastic 'gold' finial (topper).


Pennant, square or swallow tail, we make standard size bunting measuring 9x12" (pennant as shown) in any length.  The pennants are hemmed as standard and are sewn to a strong white nylon tape with 9" between pennants.  Our starting point price wise is a length of single sided polyester print through bunting - 8m length - for £46 plus vat.

Kew Gardens cotton printed bunting by Red Dragon Flagmakers

Cotton print branded bunting, double sided (2x pennants sewn back to back).

Ready to send us your flag design and description? Awesome.  Click HERE


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