We supply, deliver, install, maintain (and design) flagpoles UK wide 

We installed the first ever flagpole to the main tower at Carmarthen Castle in 2012 (historic moment!), designed and installed the banner arm flagpoles outside the Millennium Centre in Cardiff and repaired to full working order the flagpoles at St Mary's Church in Swansea and St Luke's Church in Glastonbury this year - to name but a few of the variety of work we do (See pictures below). 


Our 50x flagpoles continue to stand proud around Aberystwyth promenade and many more on forecourts, towers, turrets and town halls nationwide. The picture to the right is of the flagpoles up on the moor at Swansea airport - exposed to all the elements but well maintained and looking good.


Flagpoles - what are they made of?

Fibreglass is the available off shelf format for flagpoles and we can supply up to 12m in length (and more) and make the brackets to order to fit the pole and the building and the purpose – which we would need to review first hand before being able to comment on what is suitable. 


Swansea airport flags and flagpoles


Steel is a very heavy material to use for flagpoles.  With wind and building construction, flagpoles need to be strong, lightweight and flexible to cope with weather and building considerations.  You’d be surprised how much like a sail a flag and its pole become when the wind’s up.  On a yacht, that’s perfect, on a building, quite destructive.


We use local craftspeople on a regular basis to make designs in power coated steel (brackets etc) and can help you with a quote on a consultancy and/or installation basis if this is of interest and required. 


We do not have a contractor’s licence as we usually deal direct with councils and castles etc and we’re not an all singing all dancing conglomerate – we’re a family business and we’ve been doing this since the late 60s without any issues. We always follow the Government Health and Safety directive legislation which reflects the above:  http://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2015/51/contents/made but we find that customer prefer to speak direct to the person doing the work rather than hope a message gets through a management team to the person on the ground and that the job will be done right first time.


We trust in our own ability to deliver and install what we charge for, rather than pay someone else to do the job on our behalf – this makes it more economical for the client, we’re drawing on first hand experience and having a conversation with the client direct on what is required rather than through a third party and this way we can guarantee (acts of god withstanding…..) that the job and end result is fit for purpose. 


Our ISO9001(2015) is under construction but please be aware that this an accredited form of self-certification anyway and are not insurable - we’ve been called in to repair and make good on projects that have been delivered by much bigger and more expensive outfits who in turn have invariably delivered on Architects' spec but not what is fit for purpose and ultimately, importantly, safe and sound. 
The most important thing for us is safety and being sure that once a job has been completed, its fit for purpose.

Case study:  University of Wales Trinity St David (Alex House) Swansea

In 2015 Red Dragon Flagmakers were called upon to rectify a serious problem at Alex House, a building owned and run by University of Wales Trinity St David in Swansea City Centre. 
Alex House houses a flagpole located through the dome construction over historical (city) library oval room within the main building. We made good the pole (acting as a lightening conductor) which had been incorrectly installed, made it safe with repairs and custom made steel work and worked with the Estates Department to rectify a potentially dangerous situation. (image left: Alex House, image right: flagpoles at Swansea Airport).


Alex House, UWTSD flagpole repairs  
Danomast flagpole guarantee red dragon flagmakers


Red Dragon Flagmakers are UK distributors for Danomast.  

Dano Mast A/S provide a ten-year warranty against breakage of flagpoles due to production defects when used with the correct size of flag in winds up to 55 miles per hour – a guarantee which beats everyone else in the market place. 
Click HERE for more information.

Case study:  University of Wales Trinity St David (SA1 Exhibition Centre) Swansea

Here we show the installation of custom made brackets, poles and flags made for the entrance to the building of the new University of Wales Trinity Saint David's SA1 Exhibition Centre in Swansea (November 2016); custom steel banner flagpoles for Cardiff Millenium Centre and a new pole installed atop Glastonbury Church.
UWTSD SA1 Exhibition Centre Swansea


Golf clubs, hotels, yacht clubs, businesses and banks through the UK have our flagpoles and flags and we're happy to maintain and repair flagpoles even when they are not originally sourced from us. Below you will find images of the custom flagpole at the Millenium Centre (Cardiff) made to spec after consultation, Cardiff Castle, The Ramada Hotel (one of the several we supply), Glastonbury Church and St Mary's Church in Swansea.

Flagpoles at the Millenium Centre Cardiff by Red Dragon Flagmakers Flagpole at Carmarthen Castle by Red Dragon Flagmakers
Flagpole at Ramada Hotel by Red Dragon Flagmakers  Glastonbury Church tower flagpole by Red Dragon Flagmakers
Red Dragon Flagmakers and St Marys Church Swansea


The Red Dragon Flagmakers flagpole team, seen here exhausted after making safe the flagpole on St Mary's Church in the Centre of Swansea, in high winds.  The pole had been out of action for years and was needed for use during Remembrance Sunday. We were happy to volunteer our services on this occasion as this Church is local to us and funds were not readily available.

Danomast and commissioned flagpoles

We deliver, install and maintain all flagpoles and are distributors of Danomast quality fibre glass and aluminium poles. We also offer a maintenance and repair service on flagpoles (of any make) not originally supplied by us and we also accept commission for banner arm flagpoles and custom made steel post flagpoles.

Consider a wall mounted flagpole

Angled Flagpole Diagram


Angled Flagpole Diagram


Planning permission for a flagpole

You may find the following downloadable documents of interest.
Written originally in 2007 by the Communities and Local Government office on 'Outdoor advertisements and signs: a guide for advertisers' (see page 21 for flag specific info), it has since been updated - see 'plain English' version.  Also included is a Telegraph newspaper article confirming that in October 2012 Pickles announced that planning permission to erect a flagpole in England was no longer required. Restrictions do however remain in Wales, England and Northern Ireland but its worth noting that if you are a property owner or have permission from your landlord or council you may be able to to erect a flagpole without too much of a problem

'Planning regulations which require express consent for flag flying [were] scrapped for England [in] October 2012'.  

Planning regulations for flagpoles UK Planning regulations for flagpoles Fly your flags with Pride says Pickles


Indoor and ceremonial flagpoles

... and not forgetting the need for indoor flagpoles, also known as ceremonial flagpoles.  These are a great way to smartly display a flag and here are a few we supplied to the Welsh Government and surrounding First Minister Carwyn Jones.

First Minister Carwyn Jones talking Wales and doing business with the US in Washington March 2017

and you might be needing some rope and other accessories....click HERE to go straight to our catalogue.


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