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Flag flying days in the UK

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Date Occasion Flag to fly
9 January Birthday of the Duchess of Cambridge Union
20 January Birthday of the Countess of Wessex Union
6 February Her Majesty's Accession Union
19 February Birthday of Duke of York Union
1 March St David's Day St David's cross or Welsh Dragon 
5 March Cornwall - St Piran's Day St Piran, Cornwall 
10 March Birthday of the Earl of Wessex Union
11 March Commonwealth Day Commonwealth 
17 March St Patrick's Day St Patrick, Ireland
20 March County Durham - St Cuthbert's Day County Durham
29 March Yorkshire West Riding - Battle of Towton Yorkshire West Riding 
16 April Orkney - St. Magnus' Day Orkney
21 April Birthday of Her Majesty The Queen Union
23 April St George's Day St George, England
25 April Huntingdonshire - Birth of Oliver Cromwell Huntingdonshire
1 May Staffordshire - Anniversary of Wedgwood Pottery Staffordshire
9 May Guernsey - Liberation Day Guersey
11 May Somerset - King Alfred Gathers the People Somerset
16 May Middlesex - Battle of Albuera Middlesex
24 May Bermuda Day Bermuda
25 May Wessex - St. Aldhelm's Day Wessex
26 May Kent - St Augustine's Day Kent
30 May Anguilla Day Anguilla
1 June Dorset - St Wite's Day Dorset
1 June Pembrokeshire Day Pembrokeshire
2 June Coronation day Union
4 June Devon - St. Petroc's day Devon
5 June Wiltshire - Wiltshire Flag Day Wiltshire 
10 June Birthday of the Duke of Edinburgh Union
14 June Falkland Islands - Liberation day Falkland Islands
16 June Sussex - St. Richard's Day Sussex
21 June Shetland - Midsummer Shetland
21 June Birthday of the Duke of Cambridge Union
22 June Mercia - St Alban's Day Mercia
1 July British Virgin Islands - Territory Day British Virgin Islands
5 July Cayman Islands - Constitution Day Cayman Islands
5 July Tynwald Day Isle of Man
14 July Black Country - Anniversary of the Newcomen Engine Black Country
17 July Birthday of Duchess of Cornwall Union
28 July Buckinghamshire - Inaugural Paralympic Games Buckinghamshire
1 August Yorkshire - Battle of Minden Yorkshire rose
5 August Northumberland - King Oswald's Day Northumberland
15 August Birthday of the Princess Royal Union
22 August Yorkshire North Riding - battle of the Standard Yorkshire North Riding
24 August Yorkshire East Riding - Birth of William Wilberforce Yorkshire East Riding
30 August Turks and Caicos Islands - Constitution Day Turks and Caicos Island
31 August Northumbria - St. Aidan's Day Northumbria Flag
10 September Gibraltar - Gibraltar Day Gibraltar 
13 September Rutland - Great Assault of Gibraltar Rutland
22 September Derbyshire - Derbyshire Flag day Derbyshire
24 September  Cumberland - Baptism of John Peel Cumberland
25 September Monmouthshire - St Cadoc's Day Monmouthshire
29 September Westmorland - Earldom of Westmorland Created Westmorland
1 October Lincolnshire - Lincolnshire Uprising Lincolnshire
22 October British Virgin Islands - St Ursula's day British Virgin Islands
24 October United Nations Day United Nations
25 October Northamptonshire - St Crispin's Day Northamptonshire
26 October Essex - St. Cedd's Day Essex
10 November Remembrance Sunday Union
14 November Birthday of the Prince of Wales / Duke of Rothesay Union
20 November Her Majesty's Wedding Day Union
27 November Lancashire - Anniversary of the First Lancastrian Parliament Lancashire
28 November  Bedfordshire - Birth of John Bunyan Bedfordshire
28 November Caernarfonshire - Death of Owain Gwynedd Caernarfonshire
30 November  St Andrews Day St Andrew's saltaire

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