First aid for flagpoles and flags. Stay safe! – Red Dragon Flagmakers

First aid for flags and poles

Flagpole unsafe?

We're happy to help - even if you didn't originally source your flagpole from us.

We offer and deliver a unique customer service, free advice, a repair and maintenance (emergency and standard) service and practical cost effective solutions.

First aid for flags and poles Red Dragon Flagmakers

Safety first - tell us what you need help with and we'll do our best to help you put things right.

Click the LOLER regulations image below to read up about the safety regulations around flagpoles and why it is necessary to have your flagpole checked for safety every 12 months by an experience flagpole engineer for insurance purposes. 

LOLER regulations 1998 Check your flagpole every 12 months to keep your insurance valid. Red Dragon Flagmakers

Raggety flag?

We're happy to help - even if you didn't originally source your flag from us.

If you have a flag in dire need of repair and lots of TLC, we may be able to help. Repaired flags can look just as good as newbies. Firstly have a quick read of our web page on LOOKING AFTER YOUR FLAG and then if appropriate, get in touch and we'll do what we can to help salvage the situation.

You'll need to email over pictures of the wear and tear and then post the flag to us so we can see first hand what needs to be done. We'll then give you a quote and if you're happy with it, raise an invoice for payment before we do the work and get it all processed and the flag back to you asap. If you decide you'd rather leave it, then we'll all we ask is that you pay the return postage costs and send it back to you. Quotes are no obligation.

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