Fabrics, colours and print quality

Woven polyester base 'stock' fabric (SEWN FLAGS)

There is limited choice of stock flag base fabric colours available in the manufacture of sewn flags.  We source our MOD spec (Ministry of Defence specification) woven polyester in the UK and it is amongst the most durable and vibrant of woven flag fabrics available on the world market.  

We DO NOT source these fabrics from overseas, so you can be sure that these fabrics are colour run resistant and fit for purpose.

Flag fabric colours and codes

Red Dragon Flagmakers Brook International fire retardant certification Click thumbnail to view fabric treatment and fire retardant spec sheets.

Football flags and fire safety labelling

For a comprehensive list of which football clubs / grounds require what on flag fire safety regulations, click HERE.

Knit polyester fabric (PRINTED FLAGS)

There are lots of varying quality of printed flags and fabrics available. We source our MOD spec (Ministry of Defence specification) fabric in the UK and ONLY print to quality knit polyester NOT economy (cheap) sheet nylon or thin short-life polyester.  We print your design to sublimation paper and then transfer the image at very high temperatures to fabric through a series of rollers on a calender press.  

Printed flags are usually single layer, print through with mirror image on the reverse and the show through on the back of the flag is usually at around 90% of the front of the flag,   If you require your flag to have two 'left to right' facing images or text, then we offer a bagging service, which involves printing two flags and sewing them back to back with a lightweight polycotton 'jam' layer between - for this we offer a 20% discount on the combined cost of the two flags.

Want to make your own flag?

We sell our woven polyester flag fabric by the metre.  Click HERE to view the selection available.

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