Supporting others

Donations, contributions and causes

Red Dragon Flagmakers contribute to other causes and events as a social mission business on a regular basis, whether it be a contribution towards the cost of a flag for a charity, the donation of flags and bunting for display, the design and manufacture of flags and sails and more to give to our partner projects and others we are introduced to and inspired by along the way. 

We try to be generous (as much as our cash flow and book keeper allows!) and in return we welcome the opportunity to get a BIG UP and SHOUT OUT about what we do as a not for profit business on social media and promote our willingness to share the burden of cost for other like-minded events and opportunities.  

Please note:  Red Dragon Flagmakers are not a 'SOCIAL FLAG PROJECT' nor associated with any organisation that uses or infers that same name or terminology (in addition to social enterprise terminology and people's names in an effort to pass themselves off as something better than the for profit business they front and actually are.....). We are the only social enterprise flagmaker in the world. We don't do bogus.

So..... the most recent is first.  Enjoy. (We're updating this page all the time, so watch this space!).

June 2017 - Jane Ryall, Award Manager for UnLtd writes:

I am sharing a short film of our day together in Crumlin produced by Huw Richards @localfoodhuw from Aberystwyth. Apologies we have not managed to squeeze everyone in, but we are constrained by viewing time and there were a few technical sound issues with some of your interviews. A big thank you to Jo and Stewart Ashburner-Farr from Red Dragon Flagmakers once again for supplying the wonderful decorations on the day. Hwyl, Jane
We regularly give voluntary talks to primary and secondary school children on the history of flags. Here we show Robin Ashburner giving a talk at Dulverton Primary School in 2015.
Robin Ashburner at Dulverton Primary