Coffin covers

Any flag can be a coffin drape - or you can design one to suit. 

I just wanted to thank you and the team for the great job you did on the Coffin Drape for us. As this was a special request from his family it was VERY important to us to get it right and to be honest I felt a bit out of my depth when I was given responsibility for it.  However, at all stages of the process you inspired confidence that it would be done to a high standard – and it was! The funeral was a big event in the area and here is a picture from the local news website which may be of interest. Gill, June 2016

 Yamaha coffin drape Ian Bell

Yamaha customised coffin drape


Coffin covers and drapes can be printed or sewn or made using both techniques.

Every drape we make is supplied with four penny weights sewn neatly to the reverse of the four corners of the fabric. Extra options include a border of (black) fabric sewn around the rectangle or have tassels or whatever you would like. Its up to you. There are no hard or fast rules - we made a floral Union flag for a recent funeral as the family wanted something celebratory and joyful rather than sombre and they felt it looked wonderful and a real reflection of what their loved one would have chosen. 

The drape looks good. The colours are bright and graphic - just right to raise the spirits on a solemn day. I will write a glowing recommendation on your website in due course. Thank you for you help and patience. Regards, Neil (December 2016).

Printed coffin drapes

Printed coffin drapes can look great and are very affordable at just £111 (incl VAT) plus postage for an 8x5ft flag. Fully hemmed with weighted corners and supplied with a waterproof keepsake bag. 

Below is a recent example of a design we created from artwork to the finished item.

Coffin drape

coffin drape

Sewn coffin drapes

Sewn coffin drapes are quoted on a design by design basis.  Prices start at £169 plus vat and are supplied fully hemmed with weighted corners and supplied with a waterproof keepsake bag. 

SYSAC coffin drape Swansea Yacht and Sailing club

SYSAC coffin drape

Coffin drape finish

Penny weights, sewn in to a sleeve at the back of the drape.

Back, front and hem close-up.

coffin drape weights  coffin drape weights

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