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Captain Sir Tom Moore

And then a hero comes along

In a year when so many have lost elderly friends and relatives due to the Covid-19 crisis, GQ magazine's Inspiration of the Year and oldest ever cover star, raised more than £30 million in a charity walk for the NHS and, in the process, became the grandfather the nation needs right now.

Captain Sir Tom Moore and Union flag by Red Dragon Flagmakers

At age 100, Captain Tom is one of the last remaining members of the “Greatest Generation” – those selfless men and women who fought in the Second World War and somehow managed to return home with their humanity intact.

Of course, as a former military man, Captain Tom takes great pride in his appearance. His signature blue blazer with three medals pinned above the pocket (the 1939-45 Star, the Burma Star and the 1939-45 War Medal and, later, the 1939-45 Defence Medal, which he lost and was re-presented) became iconic this year. 

We were delighted and honoured to make a traditional stitched Union flag which Sir Tom can be seen wearing on the front cover and within the pages of the magazine. 

*source:  GQ Magazine, Jan 2021

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