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Red Dragon Flagmakers

We are a sewing business, a manufacturer, a social mission enterprise and a forward thinking dynamic product design company, all rolled into one.  

Received the flags today. Super excited to see my wife's face when she opens at Xmas. Thank you very very much, Ian.

Our business is unique in what it does on two fronts.... one, we make custom flags every day and two, we are the only social enterprise flag maker in the world.  We do make the generic national flags but there are so many other companies out there importing the cheap stuff from south east Asia that we leave the economy stuff to them and focus on the high end here in our UK workshop.

High value manufacturing

High value manufacturers have strong financial performance, are strategically important, and have positive social impact and manufacturing has evolved to turning ideas into products and services.

In today’s globally competitive landscape manufacturers are inventors, innovators, global supply chain managers and service providers. What was once seen just as production is now production, research, design, and service provision and social value -  value which goes beyond its financial performance and includes social impact and strategic importance to the regional and national economy.

Red Dragon Flagmakers does all of the above and believes in doing it well as a collective process.

'Do one thing well'.

So what is a flag?

Flagmaker or flag retailer....?

There are plenty of flag retailers on the market selling standard flag, bunting and banner products at different prices with varying degrees of quality (and ability to deliver).

Buyer beware - not all 'flag makers' actually make the flags they sell..... which means that you the customer are paying a premium for the middle man.  Perhaps you'd prefer to buy direct from the manufacturer? You've come to the right place!

We believe there is more than enough business to go around and that the key to success is to be open and transparent, honest and trustworthy and to do 'exactly what it says on the tin'. So this is what we do.

The importance of identity

Identity is what differentiates everything.  Flags are one of the oldest forms of indentity and the imagery and format of flags is linked in every way to represent the identity of a national, a club, business or country.

Wales, our back garden, is currently undergoing a renaissance in identity, described and illustrated beautifully by Welsh agency Smörgåsbord.

'Brand Wales' Film: Identity from Smörgåsbord on Vimeo.

Production capacity - we are flagmakers

Red Dragon Flagmakers make everything from scratch in our own independent workshops. We can (and frequently do) help other flagmakers fulfill tenders, contracts, emergency orders and last minute complex non standard production designs in small or large quantities.

We're pretty unique in what we do, and fundamentally we really are flagmakers, in name and function.

We supply a niche product using traditional skills and produce one-off design of every size and complexity of design on a daily basis.  85% of our business is in the production of custom sewn and printed flags. That's what we do.  That's what we're great at.

Brendan Rogers Liverpool FC flag

We work closely with other SMEs to fulfill projects requiring flag poles (we are distributors of DanoMast flagpoles), embroidered flags, maintenance, installation and repairs - no job is too small and everything we do is with quality, durability and integrity of product in mind.  

Traditional skills, niche product, enviable history and experience, in depth knowledge, classic quality British made product and professional, efficient and friendly customer service.

Red Dragon Flagmakers was borne out of a family company manufacturing traditional sewn flags, established in 1969 and a result of the merger of several business into one social enterprise under the Limited company name, Red Dragon Manufacturing Ltd in 2014.

Flagmakers 1980s Red Dragon Flagmakers, Robin Ashburner


Our Chairman Robin Ashburner founded the original business in 1969 when he made the flag for the investiture of Prince Charles at Caernarfon Castle. This makes us one of the most established flag makers in the UK.

A stitch in time as flag businesses combine

Under our registered trademark and trading name, Red Dragon Flagmakers, Robin is past President of the Flag Institute and one of the few flag makers in the World to have received the recognised international award for services to the flag industry (FIAV). He is also a Fellow of the Federation.

HM the Queen with Robin Ashburner at Chatham Flag Loft opening

Corporate social responsibility - we are a social enterprise

We are the ONLY flag maker incorporated and run as a social interest company - all profits go back into the personal and professional development of the staff who are all trained in house. Sales enable profits which support our recruitment of additional people to train for sustainable employment with the outcome of a positive contribution to local, regional and UK economy.

You might be interested to read our regularly published list of BLOG articles (click HERE to access) covering lots of different aspects of our history and business. We welcome contributor BLOGS too, so if you have something to say, we'd like to hear it.  

Disability confident employer Red Dragon Flagmakers

Disability confident certificate Red Dragon Flagmakers 2016 click to view Disability Confident Certificate

The Minister was pleased to see Red Dragon Manufacturing's success in becoming finalists in the ‘One to Watch’ category of the Social Enterprise Wales Awards 2015 and in the good work the company is engaged in, including its work with people previously marginalised from mainstream employment. 

From the office of Edwina Hart MBE CStJ AM, Minister for Economy, Science and Transport, Wales (13th October 2015). 

One to watch Red Dragon Flagmakers

Red Dragon Flagmakers has a huge social conscience with inclusivity and opportunities for all at its heart and all the company's manufacturing and marketing communications project our social values and ethical commitments.

Red Dragon Flagmakers is an accredited UK living wage employer

Our customers tell us our products are of the highest quality available in the World market - we agree.  

Equal Opportunities Statement

Red Dragon Manufacturing Ltd is committed to ensuring equal opportunities, fairness of treatment, dignity, work-life balance and the elimination of all forms of discrimination in the workplace.

A key objective of the policy is so that Red Dragon Manufacturing Ltd can provide a working environment in which people feel comfortable and confident that they will be treated with respect and dignity.

It is Red Dragon Manufacturing Ltd’s stated policy to treat all workers and job applicants equally and fairly irrespective of their sex, marriage/civil partnership status, trans-gender status, pregnancy/maternity, sexual orientation, race, religion/belief, age, or disability.

Red Dragon Manufacturing Ltd is also committed to ensuring that no policy, procedure, provision, rule, requirement, condition or criterion will be imposed on any worker or job applicant without justification if it would be likely to put that person at a disadvantage on any of the above grounds.

This equal opportunities policy applies to all stages of the recruitment and selection process, as well as throughout individuals’ employment or period of volunteering.

All staff who have responsibility for recruitment, selection and promotion, or who supervise other staff, will receive equal opportunities training. Other staff will have the opportunity to attend awareness training in equality and the avoidance of discrimination.

Overall responsibility for this policy lies with the Chief Executive Officer.                                                                                                               


Click HERE to view our list of lovely associates, friends, affiliations and partners - to name but a few.

Recycling and sustainability

We up-cycle and recycle ALL of our fabric off-cuts sending nothing to landfill. We comply with a strict environmental policy, equality and diversity strategy and are a equal opportunities employer. We ship our goods using recycled bags and boxes where possible and otherwise use 'new recycled packaging. We correspond electronically with minimal use for paper and print.

Production, capacity and service

We believe strongly in the ethos that people buy from people (no jargon or long words here) and no matter how tricky your flag, banner, bunting and flag poles requirements may appear, we're here to help the best we can.


We are open and committed to building relationships with our customers to ensure they keep coming back time and after time and are delighted to show off the investment purchases they purchase from us. Because that is what UK-made quality products are when they are well made - investment pieces for the present .... and the future.


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