A potted history of the Welsh (Saxon and Somerset) Dragon – Red Dragon Flagmakers

A potted history of the Welsh (Saxon and Somerset) Dragon

Fun fact:

The 'Dragon' as a symbol on flags was brought to Great Britain in Roman times by the Emperor Trojan who made it the symbol of his cohorts.  Much the history applied to the white dragon of the Saxons can be applied to the history of the red Dragon of Wales.  The only strategic difference between the Chinese and Welsh Dragons is that one has five toes and the other has four – otherwise they have no gender. 

There was a time when all of Britain flew the Celtic Dragon superimposed in England by the white Dragon; last seen falling with Harold at Hastings in 1066 and as seen on the Bayeaux Tapestry. 

The red Dragon was pushed into Wales and other parts of the West (Somerset) where it has gone through various designs and alterations and the present Welsh Dragon was designed in 1969 by a committee - in which our Chairman Robin Ashburner was involved - (under Sir Hugo Boothby) leading up to the investiture of the Prince of Wales.

It is worth mentioning that at the time of the Coronation of the HM Queen Elizabeth II, the authorities in Westminster did design a new Welsh flag with a belt around the edge of the Dragon and Crown atop but this proved very unpopular in Wales which resulted in the current Welsh Dragon design.


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