Star Wars: FLAGS OF THE GALAXY. Exclusive to Red Dragon Flagmakers.


'Flags of the Galaxy' is an art project by Scott Kelly. The artist has merged his two childhood passions, flags and Star Wars, to create over 100 flags which represent the different planets featured in the Star Wars universe. 
The designs are in keeping with basic rules of flag design, otherwise known as vexillology. Using these design traditions Scott created the flags by closely looking at the historical, economic, physical, political and societal attributes of the planets. From there he took creative liberty to make them as striking and plausible as possible. 

The information on each flag was originally taken from the humorously named and beautifully thorough website  


These flags are available exclusively under licence to Red Dragon Flagmakers and all proceeds from sales of these flags are fed back into our social mission.

All flags are shown with a watermark to ensure they are not copied.  All flags either sewn or printed by Red Dragon Flagmakers are produced without the watermark.

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