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Rip stop bunting

This bunting is available in a generous 8 metre length of bunting with 21 pennants of coloured wax backed light weight rip stop nylon, sewn to a woven white nylon tape and supplied UNHEMMED or UNHEMMED. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use but the fabric is not as strong as the heavyweight ripstop version so ideally you'd need to have the pennants HEMMED to ensure they don't fray. Perfect for outdoors and all weathers.

Green white and red for Wales

Blue, white and red for UK USA, New Zealand and Australia

Multicoloured - Gay Pride, general use

Whats your ideal combination?

Please tell us in the comments box at the checkout the colours you'd like included your bunting - whether its every colour of the rainbow or just three - its your call. We're email and double check with you before we start production too, just to be sure.

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