#GRUFFCymru, the alternative Welsh Dragon flag raising money for charity – Red Dragon Flagmakers

#GRUFFCYMRU charity flag

Reasons for giving

Red Dragon Flagmakers actively sponsor charities and have redesigned and digitised a drawing designed in the 1970s by 12 year old Colleen (second from the left), as an alternative Welsh flag design to raise awareness and funds.

#teamgruff Gruff the doodlegram dragon in aid of Tenovus exclusively by Red Dragon Flagmakers

The #GRUFFCYMRU flag design is available as a flag exclusively from our social mission business Red Dragon Flagmakers, with all profits from sales of the flag going to the charity and is available all year round in both English and Welsh text formats.

In aid of Tenovus Cancer Charity

This is the #GRUFFCymru flag which travelled with Rupert Moon (ex Wales International player) and the Welsh Rugby Squad to Japan for the World Cup 2019. 

For more info on #GRUFFCymru visit our dedicated facebook page GRUFFCymru60.

Available in both Welsh and English text format. All rights reserved.

Rupert Moon with GRUFFCymru flag in Japan 2019 for Rugby World Cup by Red Dragon Flagmakers
Rupert Moon with GRUFFCymru flag in Japan 2019 for Rugby World Cup by Red Dragon Flagmakers

Colourfast, machine washable.

All profits go to the Tenovus Cancer Charity.

First class flags - guaranteed

All our flags are guaranteed 100% made in the UK. Our main workshop is in South Wales (UK) and as the only social enterprise flag maker in the world, we supply flags of every size, description and design to all markets and clients worldwide - no order too small - and we invest all our profits into the rehabilitation, training and employment of people in our local communities.

No obligation quotes

Buying flags from Red Dragon Flagmakers gives extra social value to your spending power and the design and manufacture of custom flags is our speciality (and all quotes are supplied with no obligation). 

Printed or traditional sewn flags - its your call

Quality printed flags are available to buy through this website page per size but if you would prefer a traditional sewn and stitched flag and you can't see the size you require on this page listing, please email us on enquiries@reddragonflagmakers.co.uk with the size you'd like and we'll send you a quote for review.

Made for you and supplied to you

Each flag is finished and supplied with a strong canvas, rope and toggle, triple sewn fly end and supplied with a complimentary shower proof drawstring flag bag for safe keeping.

Fully traditional sewn, part sewn part printed or fully printed

Where flags are fully SEWN with detail, applique is sewn through a layer giving a sewn mirror image on reverse. We use Ministry of Defence spec woven polyester which replaced the traditional wool and linen/cotton mix fibre fabric in and around the 1980s.  The fabric has a matt finish and a strength and durability which lasts longer than the previous natural fibre fabrics. 

Where flags are part-SEWN part-PRINTED, a sewn woven polyester base is stitched and hemmed and the detail (badge, emblem etc.) is printed twice and sewn to each side of the flag around the detail. These are POA, not £0.00 which is the default!

Where flags are fully PRINTED, the format is single layer, printed through with mirror image on reverse. 

All our quality printed flags are made using durable knit polyester fabric and PLEASE NOTE this is NOT to same as what other retailers describe as 'economy' flag fabric (roughly translating to cheap and nasty and not likely to last more than a few days) .

What does it all mean?

Please refer to our GLOSSARY  page to clarify any terms you are unsure of. Use the search button at the top left of the website to search all other info throughout the site.  Check out our fascinating BLOG for a history lesson or three and please get in touch if you need something you havent been able to find.

This flag is copyright and is strictly not to be used without permission.

This design is also available as a tea towel and other affordable products.  Check out GRUFFCymru60 on facebook for uptodate info.

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