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Glory pants

British pants. Be prepared.

Get your pants on with glory pants

The story so far

In 2015, two Welsh gals of a certain age decided to do something about the problem of cold nether regions and suffering day after baltic day in the UK winter months. 

Sam rides every day and needed that extra bit of protection and warmth. Jo was fed up with standing in the mud and rain watching her son play rugby every Sunday.

Glory Pants, Fancy Pants, British Pants, be prepared by Red Dragon Manufacturing

Actually, truth be told, Sam had been wearing long shorts in white, biege and black forever. After extensive research, she found there was nothing on the market for the funkier, more mischevous of ladies and she persuaded Jo to diversify and make a pop up brand of skins for chicks.

And so Glory Pants were born. Actually, we first called them Fancy Pants, then Circus Pants, then Pantyluna...... then Glory Pants!

Why wear them

We all chaffe. Those of us with normal womanly figures after any pubescent age do at any rate (sorry chaps). But hang on a mo.... thats why the fellas wear skins right?..... to stop their beefy thighs and bits falling foul of friction - and its the same for us chicks, so actually - apology retracted. 

glory pants, british pants, fancy pants, pantyluna, be prepared red dragon flagmakers

If you're wearing a pretty summer dress and there's a sudden gust of wind, Glory Pants make the moment less embarrassing, more of conversation point and one helluva diversionary tactic.

Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge needs Glory Pants by Red Dragon Manufacturing

When you're on a hen weekend and need visibility (we have first hand experience of this), what better than to do a 'Captain Underpants' and wear Glory Pants over your jeans. Talk about a fashion statement!

Tom Jones, hen parties, and glory pants by red dragon manufacturing

What are the ingredients for a fabulous pair of Glory Pants?

Firstly imagination.  Lots of it and tongue in cheek risk taking.

Glory pants, fancy pants, british pants. be prepared. red dragon manufacturing

Then....  funky cotton laced stretchy lycra content fabric, specially dyed stretchy pink and black leg lace and elastic waist banding to match.  A cover seam industrial sewing machine, a sharp pair of scissors and away to go. 

Cardiff christmas market 2015. glory pants, fancy pants, circus pants, british pants. be prepared. red dragon manufacturing

Get your pants on!

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