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Swansea airport flags and flagpoles

We've installed flagpoles in many many different locations - from front gardens to the roof of the Palace of Westminster.  Our 50x flagpoles continue to stand proud around Aberystwyth promenade and many more on forecourts, towers, turrets and town halls nationwide.

Golf clubs, hotels, yacht clubs, businesses and banks through the UK have our flagpoles and flags and we're happy to maintain and repair flagpoles even when they are not originally sourced from us.

Flagpole services

Supply, delivery, installation, maintenance and repair

We offer and deliver a unique customer service, free advice, a repair and maintenance (emergency and standard) service and practical cost effective solutions, even if you didn't originally source your flagpole from us.

Danomast and commissioned flagpoles

We deliver, install and maintain all flagpoles and are distributors of Danomast quality fibre glass and aluminium poles. We also offer a maintenance and repair service on flagpoles (of any make) not originally supplied by us and we also accept commission for banner arm flagpoles and custom made steel post flagpoles.

Planning permission for a flagpole

You may find the following downloadable documents of interest.  

Written originally in 2007 by the Communities and Local Government office on 'Outdoor advertisements and signs: a guide for advertisers' (see page 21 for flag specific info), it has since been updated - see 'plain English' version.  Also included is a Telegraph newspaper article confirming that in October 2012 Pickles announced that planning permission to erect a flagpole in England was no longer required. Restrictions do however remain in Wales, England and Northern Ireland but its worth noting that if you are a property owner or have permission from your landlord or council you may be able to to erect a flagpole without too much of a problem.

'Planning regulations which require express consent for flag flying [were] scrapped for England [in] October 2012'

Email us on enquiries@reddragonflagmakers or call us with your enquiry and we'll take it from there.  Quotes are no obligation.