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Flag Locker

One off, surplus, vintage, unique and sed flags

We've had a bit of sort through the years of accumulated flags we have carefully stored away. We've measured them, photographed them and priced them up to sell to other flag enthusiasts to raise funds for our ROOF INITIATIVE (you can read up about it here: www.roofcoatbag.wales).

Christmas is coming to why not buy something to frame or upcycle into a cushion for the festive season and pay forward on warmth and safety for another person.

The list is definitive - when they're gone they're gone! Watch this space as we upload new items daily - this is a unique clearance sale for flags!


45 results
Shetland (FLAG LOCKER)
£25.00 £55.00
£12.50 £98.00
Guernsey (FLAG LOCKER)
£30.00 £98.00
Iran flag (FLAG LOCKER)
£150.00 £450.00
Slovenia (FLAG LOCKER)
£65.00 £185.00
Old Sri Lanka (FLAG LOCKER)
From £25.00 £550.00
Brazil badge (FLAG LOCKER)
From £25.00 £550.00
Omani Ensign (FLAG LOCKER)
£120.00 £550.00
Neath Abbey (FLAG LOCKER)
£120.00 £450.00
45 results
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