Anchor bolts are set into a concrete foundation and fixed to a two plate hinging system at the bottom of the flagpole making it easy to lower, raise and align the flagpole after the base is installed.

All fittings are manufactured in galvanised steel. 

All flagpoles are supplied complete with a top (finial), a halyard (rope) for raising your flag, and a cleat to tie off the halyard, plus all fixings and screws.

Please note - we deliver these poles UK-wide (charges may apply and will be invoiced separately).  We also install, repair and maintain all poles, including those not originally purchased from us.

 The Crown Hotel, Exford on Exmoor flying their custom flag by Red Dragon Flagmakers  Carmarthen Castle  The first flag pole to have ever been installed and flag flow over the tower at Carmarthen Castle, by Red Dragon Flagmakers




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