Antifray flag life extender, by the metre or sewn in to your flag. – Red Dragon Flagmakers Ltd

There are lots of differing opinions on the benefits (or not) of using antifray.  

What is antifray?

Its a 3" strip of strong perforated polyester fabric sewn into the fly end seam which will wear away while preserving the integrity of the main flag. The price quoted is per flag, sewn in to your flag.  If you would like to purchase just the antifray and sew it in yourself, please choose that option. 

For and against anti-fray

After a little research on the internet we have found one or two vocal opponents to the use of anti-fray but as they are retailers in the main (rather than makers), we would suggest that a) they are unable to stock flags with anti-fray already sewn into the structure of a flag, b) they do not manufacture or having sewing facilities and cannot therefore add the anti-fray to their stock flags on request or c) would rather sell you a new flag rather than repair and help you with your old flag. At the end of the day its the customer's decision.

What do we think?

We think its a great add-on when a flag is starting to fray and the fly end needs reinforcing and strengthening. We believe it does lengthen the lifespan of flags and we've yet to hear from a customer who has asked for it that it does anything to the contrary.  

If you would like to extend the life of your flag, please do get in touch and we'll make a plan - even if we didn't supply the flag in the first place! 

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