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Red Dragon to the Rescue

Red Dragon to the Rescue

Red Dragon to the Rescue

The flagpole on the tower of Swansea’s St Mary’s Church is back up and running, following an Evening Post appeal.

Less than a week after publishing the church’s call for help to get the flagpole fixed ahead of Remembrance Day, willing volunteers had offered to do the job for free. Uplands-based business Red Dragon Flagmakers saved the day, and the diocesan flag is flying once more.

Rector of St Mary’s, the Reverend Simon Griffiths said: “The flag hadn’t flown from the flagpole for many years. "It’s a thank you to our volunteer steward Darren Jones, to the Evening Post, and in particular to Red Dragon Flagmakers. "The diocesan flag is now proudly flying from the top of St Mary’s once again. It’s quite emotional for us, because it has been a problem for so long.”

Stewart Ashburner Farr of Red Dragon Flagmakers, came across the appeal through the Evening Post, and called in the help of friends Tim and Keith Jones. The desire to repair the flagpole before remembrance events struck a chord with him, because of his wife Jo’s rich family history in the military. He said he was compelled to help for free to support Swansea’s civic church.

“It’s a major church in the city that needed some support and we had the expertise, so were able to come to its assistance,” he said.

Volunteer steward at St Mary’s, Darren Jones, who launched the appeal for a flagpole fix in the first place, added: “It shows the compassion of people to give up their free time for a cause that is going to remember the people that give their lives for us.”

The Reverend Griffiths said that following on from a recent theft at St Mary’s, a gesture such as this shows that good can outweigh the bad in society.

Jo Ashburner-Farr
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