New Aston Martin Reveal

Two degrees of separation between us and the new Aston Martin

Can you make us a huge Welsh Dragon at short notice?

.... came the call from the Welsh Assembly last Friday.

OK, we can do that - how 'huge' are we talking?

Well its top secret but it needs to cover something measuring xxx and we have to have it by Monday.

Quick team meeting, what does everyone think? Chance to earn some overtime... why not?! Yes we can make this behemouth flag for you - and so it was, and now today - with the First Minister proudly pulling it back - Welsh Government and Aston Martin unveiled their plans for a new factory in Wales manufacturing this iconic make and new model of superstar car.

We're so pleased to have been a (small) part of this great news. Bringing manufacturing back to Wales is a subject very close to our hearts here at Red Dragon Flagmakers and we're now happily only separated by two degrees from having this dream car.

Jo Ashburner-Farr

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