Linking up to spread the word - Fairwood chooses Red Dragon Flagmakers
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Linking up to spread the word - Fairwood Park Golf Club chooses Red Dragon Flagmakers

We recently sent out an email to our established customer list and leads, asking people if their own customers could see them?

It went like this:

Can your customers see you?

Like every business, this social enterprise must grow to survive in the tough world of commerce. Rather than bombard you with tech-speak, we'll get straight to the point and ask whether you would be able to have a link put on your website to ours.

Increased awareness of our brand, our mission and the products we make through search engine optimisation on the web will be a game changer. We'll do the same for you. And to say thank you, send you a 30% discount code for the next quality SEWN or PRINTED flag or banner order you place with us.

Oh and tell everyone about your business and the support you've given us. No catch. Just a huge thank you for supporting social enterprise.

The response has been fantastic and first up we'd like to thank Fairwood Park Gold Club on the Gower in Swansea for setting up a link on their webpage and ordering a club flag within a day of our post. 

Fairwood Golf Club (Gower, Swansea) chooses Red Dragon Flagmakers

We love working with businesses who want the same things as we do, very reassuring - thanks Fairwood.

Jo Ashburner-Farr

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