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** OPEN FOR ORDERS ** In true Brit spirit during these unprecedented times, its business as usual here at our social mission business. As well as making flags we are also making SCRUBS FOR ALL (see info below). Please do use the search bar to find what you're looking for or contact us to discuss your requirements. If you too are open for business, why not invest in one of our tangerine OPEN flags to shout about it....!Stay well and safe and thank you in advance for your custom.

We make all national and international flags and we specialise in custom design flags, banners and bunting for every occasion.   We also make props for film and TV, coffin drapes, wedding banners, ensigns, gonfalons and more. ANY flag. ANY design. No order too small. 

Call or email us with your query.  We're here to help. All quotes are no obligation.  We only manufacture in the UK. We ship worldwide - please make allowances for a delayed postal system in these troubled times.

Ai Weiwei flag for HUMAN RIGHTS (Fly The Flag)
Ai Weiwei handwaver flag for HUMAN RIGHTS (Fly The Flag)
Gin Pennant Flag - Red Dragon Flagmakers
Union (Union Jack)
Union (Union Jack)
From £36.00
Flag toggle
From £0.38
Vatican City - Red Dragon Flagmakers
Vatican City
From £26.50
Welsh Dragon (Wales, Ddraig Goch, Red Dragon, Welsh flag)
NHS Rainbow flag
NHS Rainbow flag
From £45.00 £68.04

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Flags for Netflix by Red Dragon Flagmakers
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North Pacific Fisheries Commission
National Museum of Wales flags by Red Dragon Flagmakers
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Flags for Paiget and high end jewellers by Red Dragon Flagmakers
Exclusive supplier of flags to the NATO Summit Wales 2014 Red Dragon Flagmakers
Flags for UWTSD by Red Dragon Flagmakers
US embassy in London flags by Red Dragon Flagmakers
Flags for Welsh Government by Red Dragon Flagmakers
Flags for Scouts by Red Dragon Flagmakers
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